Cedar Lee district map

Our district map shows exactly where your favorite restaurant or merchant is; or where the nearest parking options are!

Where to Park in the District

There are two municipal lots in the Cedar Lee district that offer the Passport Parking App. Use your Smartphone and a credit card to pay for parking – and extended your visit if needed. Find convenient parking in Lot #5 & the Cedar Lee Parking Deck ( behind the Cedar Lee Theatre) as well as in Lot #17, between Silsby and Meadowbrook Roads (behind Phoenix Coffee, The Wine Spot and Stone Oven).  Download the Passport Parking App through Google Play or the App Store for Mac. For more information on Passport Parking, visit the City of Cleveland Heights. Meters will still accept quarters.

Additional metered lots and street parking are available off of Lee Road. Valet is provided by select merchant destinations. FREE parking is available in the lot at the corner of Edgewood and Cedar Roads.


Driving Directions

The Cedar Lee Business District is located along Lee Road and parts of Cedar Road in the City of Cleveland Heights.

Our district extends about 1/2 mile north and south of Cedar Road. Use Google maps for directions to the district. For a current map of all merchants and parking information in our district, please download our pdf of our district map!